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Carpfishing, thats where it al started. More than ten years I was active. Lovely years spending weekends and nights at the water, enjoying the natur and the good fights. But after Norway, active fishing with lures on species like trout and pike I quit carpfishing.

But keep up the good memories!!


Picture 1:

Two nice carps caught during a weekend fishing in a nice lake after feeding two weeks with boilies.

Picture 2:

A week vacation with my friend Tim Horneman near the river Yssel. We saw a little pool and spend a night fishing. That night I hooked a carp, but lost in the weeds. Next day we walked slowly accross the border of the pool with a rod searching for active carp and that dilevired four carps. One of them had the lost hook of that night in his mouth.

         81cm, 17.4 pound

         78cm, 17,2 pound

         71cm, 11,2 pound

         66cm, 11,2 pound

Picture 3:

Nice spot in the summer.

That is what makes carp fishing so peacefull.

Picture 4:

The biggest carp I caught in my carpfishing carreer.

81 cm, 23 pound


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