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Schascle I was going through the S at the record shop when I saw Schascle album Haunted By Real Life. I never heard of her or her music, but was intrigued by the CD cover picture. Schascle (chess-el) has got a powerful voice and you can find some great songs on her album. I tried to compare her with other artists but couldn't find one that sounds like her. You can find some real-audio soundclips on this page if you are interested.

Schascle "Twinkle" Yochim was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. At the age of seven, while she was singing along to rock and rols hits, she decided she wanted to go further in music. She played cello in her grammer school orchestra and later she went to the Booker Visual And Perfoming Arts High School. In the tenth grade Schascle fronted her first band with influences ranging from The Allman Brothers and Bad Company to Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley. By the age of sixteen Schasle was playing professionally in the Sarasota music scene, attending school during the day and lying about her age at night in order to sing in local clubs.

After graduation, Schascle fronted a rock band singing Top 40 hits in hotel lounges across the country. During this time she learned her stage skills and grew the desire to sing her own material. A year later she returned home to Sarasota to join The Hurricanes, a blues group with a strong local following. She had a lot of artistic freedom and the band encouraged her to continue writing her own stuff.

This led to the recording of a four-track demo tape in 1988. Her second demo tape with eight new songs recorded in a Chicago studio got interest from various music publishers. After signing with Warner-Chapell as a songwriter, producer Patrick Leonard heard her material and offered to produce an album. She signed with Reprise Records and this resulted in Schascle's first album Haunted By Real Life (1991).

It took seven years before Schascle's next album came out. Live @t the 5 O' (1998) was recorded live at the "Five O'Clock Club", a local club in Sarasota.

I recently received some news about what Twinkle has been up to lately. There is a new album out but I'm not sure about the title. And on the moment (January 2001) she is in Europe to try to get some gigs overhere. I have got some pictures from her "going to Europe party"

Schascle If you want to read what others think of Twinkle Schascle then take a look at my 'fan e-mail' page.

To get a newsletter, you can write to Schascle at: P.O. Box 18231, Sarasota, Florida 34276

These are some messages I received from Schascle:

As I said, I don't know much more about her, so if you know something, e-mail me (Alex) at: jad @



Haunted By Real Life
Twinkle, Live @ The Five O'

CD cover picture   Haunted By Real Life (1991)
Reprise Records 7599-26510-2

 Track   Title   Songwriter   Playing Time 
1 I can't get love with money Schascle Huygens 03:50
2 Too many people Schascle Huygens / Jerry Jordan 04:50
3 Restless sun Schascle Huygens 04:57
4 Haunted by real life 110Kb Real Media Sound Clip Schascle Huygens 04:05
5 Freedom 110Kb Real Media Sound Clip Schascle and Brian Huygens 04:41
6 I'll be there 90Kb Real Media Sound Clip Schascle Huygens 02:51
7 Real live thing Schascle Huygens 03:42
8 I just say what I feel Schascle and Brian Huygens 04:17
9 Hold me Schascle Huygens 04:44
10 Garden of love 110Kb Real Media Sound Clip Schascle Huygens 05:23
11 You're not yourself anymore Schascle Huygens / Lynn Pitts 03:08

these are sound clips. To be able to play them you need to have the real-audio player installed. You can download the real-audio player at the real-audio webpage.

CD cover picture   Twinkle, Live @ the Five O' (1997)
Twinkletown music

This album was recorded live at the Five O'Clock Club in Sarasota, Florida on November 29,1997 (on the album it says incorrectly November 29, 1998).

 Track   Title   Songwriter   Playing Time 
1 New Orleans Frankie 220Kb Real Media Sound Clip Schascle Yochim, Brian Macleod 08:43
2 Husk Schascle Yochim 11:14
3 Respect Otis Redding 12:04
4 Rocket man Schascle Yochim 11:14
5 Black hawk Schascle Yochim 13:20
5 Inner city blues MarvinGay, James Nyx
6 Very Well Schascle Yochim 15:28
6 Rain Schascle Yochim

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