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Suzanne Rhatigan Biography

Suzanne Rhatigan moved from Dublin to London to be a songwriter, but started as a background singer for among others, Stock, Aitken & Waterman.

Suzanne: "After a while they couldn't control me as a background singer. During the sessions I told them that a couplet was very weak, and that they should rewrite it. Or I told them to change the melody line and sing it differently to make it sound stronger. In the beginning they told me politely to keep my ideas for my own album, later they just stopped asking me back. I was glad about that. I had trouble with that split personality. Suzanne, the background singer who could adjust to the wishes of producers like Stock, Aitken en Waterman and the other Suzanne who was trying her best to write her own music." (Hans Piet, Haagsche Courant).

She learned how to play the piano and started working on her own album. In 1992 her debut album To Hell With Love came out.

In Suzanne Rhatigan's performance for the Dutch '2 meter sessies' (March 3, 1993), besides playing 'Shelter me' (video clip) she also played (worked on) a song called 'Gifted' (audio & video clip). Unfortunately this song isn't on one of her albums.

Around 1995, Suzanne picked up the guitar and started doing gigs. Not long after that she learned how to play the guitar (before that she used to bang the guitar with her fist). She formed a new band simply called Rhatigan and recorded her second album Late Developer (1996). Suzanne produced this album herself. As far as I know, the album is only released in the UK, although she is trying to release it in other countries. Great news for those who are living in the Netherlands: I found Late Developer at Plato in the Hague. I gathered some reviews of Late Developer.

Suzanne A few words from Suzanne about her second album: "It is a very different sound compared to To Hell With Love. Now that I am playing the guitar every thing has changed. We have been building our new sound and audience slowly but surely". She's currently working on a new album. And she started to play drums.

A few songs she's been working on lately: 'Trying to make you feel', 'That's all', 'Julianne', 'Stabbed', 'King Dong', 'I remeber you', 'Sorry', 'Be my man', 'Summer songs' , 'Citizen', 'Like it was before', 'Don't', 'Me', 'Forever now', 'Too much me', 'Bored', 'Time for letting go', 'Granola', and 'Shut up'. Suzanne is preparing a 4-song demo CD.

Besides working on her own music Suzanne is also involved in supporting and producing other alternative and new bands. She organizes a once per month Gig night called the 'Cushy Productions Club Night' at the Twelve Bar Club.

Some of the bands taking part are :
Heffner Dolly
Ant Spongefinger
Umbrella Heaven Rosy Gallone
Bromide Peach Fuzz (from Scandinavia)
Port Friendly (from Denmark) Nick Lewis
and of course: Rhatigan  

If you look at the booklet you can see that some of the songs are written by Craig Charles, one of the players in the British comic series 'Red Dwarf'. Suzanne played a guest role in one episode of 'Red Dwarf'. I have been waiting for the re-run of this episode for years now. And yesterday (September 15th, 2000) I was finally able to record this episode from the BBC on video. For now you'll have to do with some screenshots but I will be working on a short video clip.

    Episode: Camille 750Kb Real Media Video Clip (750Kb Real Media Video Clip)

    Judy Pascoe (Mechanoid Camille), Francesca Folen (Hologram Camille), Suzanne Rhatigan (Kochanski Camille), Rupert Bates (Hector Blob)

    Kryten, Red Dwarf's on-board mechanoid, rescues what looks like a female droid from a crashed vessel. She, like him, is a 4,000 series, but Camille is the GTi model, with realistic toes and a slide-back sun-roof head. Kryten finds himself falling in advanced mutual compatibility on the basis of a primary initial ident, or what humans call "love at first sight". For hologram Rimmer, Camille looks like a perfect female copy of himself. She even likes his photo collection of twentieth-century telegraph poles. And for Lister, Camille, played by Suzanne, looks and sounds like a saucy Liverpool girl with a striking resemblance to Kristine Kochanski. It turns out that Camille is a pleasure GELF (Genetically Engineered Life Form), created to be everyone's perfect companion.

Red Dwarf Logo

Screenshots of Suzanne Rhatigan

If you know anything more about Suzanne Rhatigan or if you have some photo's please e-mail me (Alex) at: jad @ bart.nl


To Hell With Love
Late Developer
Big Stick

CD cover picture   To Hell With Love (1992)
The Imago Recording Company 72787 21007 2

 Track   Title   Songwriter   Playing Time 
1 To hell with love Craig Charles 04:37
2 Open up Craig Charles 05:34
3 The further in we go Suzanne Rhatigan 05:12
4 Nearly 18 Suzanne Rhatigan / Craig Charles 04:33
5 The games we play Suzanne Rhatigan 04:44
6 Indian summer Suzanne Rhatigan / Bill Clift 04:29
7 Don't talk Suzanne Rhatigan / Craig Charles / Matt Backer 04:37
8 Shelter me Suzanne Rhatigan 04:54
9 All you ever need Suzanne Rhatigan 04:52
10 Daddy Suzanne Rhatigan / Matthew Seligman 04:28
11 Learning to cry Craig Charles 05:17
12 The spinner of years Craig Charles 04:10

CD cover picture   Late Developer (1996)
Org Records organ018CD
Suzanne Rhatigan - vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboard, and noise (!)
John Morrison - bass
Bryn Burrows - drums

I gathered some reviews of Late Developer. I've also got the Lyrics of some of the songs.

 Track   Title   Songwriter   Playing Time 
1 Late developer Suzanne Rhatigan 04:25
2 Only joking Suzanne Rhatigan / John Morrison 05:10
3 Happy Suzanne Rhatigan 02:59
4 Traffic Suzanne Rhatigan 06:38
5 Keeping us together Suzanne Rhatigan / John Morrison 05:10
6 Scared Suzanne Rhatigan / John Morrison 03:48
7 Not your girlfriend Suzanne Rhatigan / Thornally 03:29
8 Disconnected Suzanne Rhatigan / John Morrison 04:11
9 Nonsense Suzanne Rhatigan 02:43
10 Tonight Suzanne Rhatigan / John Morrison 02:40
11 Dick Suzanne Rhatigan 00:53
12 Hello Suzanne Rhatigan / Mark Bandola 01:30

CD cover picture   Big Stick (1998)
Cushy Productions

Rhatigan's mini album Big Stick released on Suzanne's own label CUSHY PRODUCTIONS

 Track   Title   Songwriter   Playing Time 
1 Big stick
2 Can't keep up
3 So mch better
4 Envy of the Gods
5 Requiescat

Session work:

 Artist / Group   Album / Track   Suzanne   Year 
Zerra One Domino Effect bckgr vocals  1986
Rick Astley Whenever You Need Somebody  bckgr vocals 1987
Kylie Minogue Kylie bckgr vocals 1988
Beverley Craven Beverley Craven bckgr vocals 1990
Buffy The Vampire Slayer  Buffy The Vampire Slayer bckgr vocals 1992
Beverley Craven Love Scenes bckgr vocals 1993

You can hear Suzanne doing background vocals on the 'Radio Kaos' album by former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters. And you can hear her on lots of Stock, Aitken & Waterman productions for artist like Samantha Fox, Bananarama, etc.

I wan't to thank Manfred Baumeister for his kind contribution to this web-page.

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