Misty Oldland

Misty Oldland promotion video

This is the transcription of the Misty Oldland promotion video released for her first album Supernatural. I made several video clips from this video so if you have the Real Player G2 installed please have a look (the video clips are about 300-400 Kb and can be downloaded and saved). I want to thank Ian B. for sending me the tape.

Misty and ??? singing Got me a feeling These are my stories and I'm sharing them in an as honest and groovy way as possible. Hopefully the overall vibe will be magical.

The London street soul scene I would say that I was part of because the way that I got my feeling out was through a small independent label and therefore it was an underground venture initially before Columbia heard it and snapped me up.

I think that the scene now is getting recognition and becoming stronger and people such as Jamiraquoi crossing over will enable other people to cross over also, and reach a larger audience hopefully without having to compromise the quality of the sound of the soul. Cause I write traditional songs I treat them in a traditional way so part are quite written quite structure and there is a lot of dynamics and a lot of change and a lot of different colors.

I started writing songs when I was eleven years old and the first song that I wrote I knew must be quite good because my friends at school used to get me to play it at the piano and they all get around and sing along. So I've been writing since a very young age.

Running a club affected the production of this album definitely cause I was really exposed to a lot of underground soul and hip-hop and jazz and funk. The sound on the whole was unswamped with unnecessary effect you know more intimate more representational of how I think it truly is. I basically produced the record with a partner called Joe Dworniak who used to be in a band called I-Level (?). I would never go for perfection, programmed perfection over human vibe. I mean to me there is no comparison. It's just a whole different ball game when your playing to an audience than when you're making music in a studio. In a way you're burying your soul.

Misty singing Caroline Caroline was written about my sister who got this rare paralyzing virus but luckily once the virus has run it's course you get better and she is better, thanks goodness. And so the song really was written for her.

A fair affair is all about equality for women in relationships when we go into relationships with people we enter a contract that might be non-viable but I think the basic clauses should be equal rights equal respect equal opportunity. All the musician on the record are female, including seven background singers who are friends and it's got a vibe.

Got me a feeling (285Kb)

Why do I trust you (285Kb)

Caroline (420Kb)

We are family (330Kb)


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