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Misty Yet another singer/songwriter in my collection. Misty Oldland's first solo album Supernatural came out in 1994. You could compare Misty's music with Lauren Christy or Beverley Craven but her style is still very different, very 'Groovy' a mixture of jazz, soul, and hip hop. She's from London and before going solo, she sang in a female a-cappella duo called Oldland Montana. They made one album called "The Time Has Come" in 1988. She released her second solo album Luminous in 1997. As far as I know this album was only released in Japan

In 1994 Misty presented The Soul of MTV for one month in October. She also presented on MTV on January 1996. She did a Levi European Retail Campaign in 1994 and she was the face for female teenage clothes for the Trans Continent Japan Retail Campaign. Misty was also in the Armani Catalogue Campaign and performance at the New Season Fashion Show in May 1995.

I made a few errors in my last update of these pages, "My Own Road" isn't Misty's new album, it's a tribute album to French singer/songwriter George Brassens. Misty does a song on this album called "Beautiful stranger". The album comes out before the end of the year (1998). The first single of this album is Misty's song that is currently promoted in France.

Thanks to Ian B. I got hold of a promotion video that was released for Misty first album Supernatural. You can read the transcription on the video page where you can also find several video clips in Real Media format.

March 25th, 2003;Great News !!!!. Misty will be releasing a new album soon. She is also working on her own website at www.mistyoldland.com

If you do know more about her, have reviews from music magazines, pictures, singles or videos please e-mail me (Alex) at: jad @ bart.nl so that I can add it to this page.

If you want more information about Misty Oldland then write to (this info is at least 4 years old so I wonder if it still exists):

The Misty Oldland Fan Club
PO Box 4082
London W9 3EE
Misty Live



Oldland Montano - The Time Has Come

Solo albums

Maybe coming soon: a new album

Compilation albums

My Own Road


I wrote you a song
Got me a feeling
A fair affair
Groove eternity

Session work

CD cover picture   The Time Has Come (1988)
Oldland Montana

Q Magazine review by Mat Snow

Misty Although they're from the world of fashion, the duo comprising Michele Oldland and Kay Montano must be seriously considered for their musical merits as well as for the affinity they have for the camera. Arranged by Sean Oliver (formerly of Rip Rig And Panic and currently in collaboration with Terence Trent D'Arby), the dozen songs here are Oldland Montano originals and charmingly insidious they are too. As you might expect, Time Has Come cleaves closer to the sultry soul-jazz of Sade than the likes of Judas Priest. Yet there is a sense of romantic urgency that propels most of these songs: the title track, for example, is a Latin vamp so skittish it might induce cardiac arrest, and for a different set of reasons, so might the breathy vocal interplay of Sugar Mommy and Am I Hooked. More songs of this standard and Oldland Montano will lay to rest the expectation that a female pop duo is nothing but a nice pair of bimbos. (3 stars out f 5)

 Track   Title   Playing Time 
1 My world 03:40
2 Ocean of emotion 03:25
3 Just a game 03:22
4 Sometimes black, sometimes white 04:02
5 Skin deep 03:35
6 The time has come 04:42
7 Sugar mummy 04:16
8 Am I hooked 03:20
9 Love dimension 04:07
10 Sunken love 03:35
11 Problems 03:35
12 Forbidden fruit 04:11

CD cover picture   Supernatural (1994)
Columbia 475958 2

In the late 80's Virgin marketed a glossy pop-soul duo, Oldland Montana, as the sisters Sade never knew she had. With Sade's cappuccino chic already fading, they flopped, but while Kay Montana returned to her job as a make-up artist, Misty Oldland re-emerged last year with a club hit, the languorous groover 'Got me a feeling'.

Misty Supernatural is a collection of similarly relaxed, funky tunes. Stripped of the polish of her earlier outfit, it's still easy-on-the-ear stuff with Oldland's willowy vocals curling themselves around assured pop melodies. 'Wrote you a song' and 'You are the one' are natural Radio One inhabitants together with the pop tease current single 'A fair affair', while the meditative 'Caroline' finds Oldland exploring Joni Mitchell furrows.

With players rather than programmers, the seamless grooves falter only on the uneasy reggae twinges of 'I often wonder' and 'Imprison me'. These aside, it's a strong set. Hardly supernatural, but bewitching nonetheless. 7 Susie Boone

Q Magazine review by David Roberts

Music collectors with detailed memories and aging devotees of London's sophisticated late '80s club scene may remember singer/songwriter Misty Oldland as half of pop-dance duo and nearly-women Oldland Montana. Now solo and signed to a new label, classically trained Oldland is taking another stab at commercial success. On the strength of this album she may have hit a bull's-eye and missed the target. Supernatural's opening-track single, A Fair Affair, is fabulous-sampling Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg's Je T'Aime in sassy, seductive style with the addition of a lush, laid-back groove and flighty vocal to jazzed-up, raunchy effect. But from there on it's fast downhill and even dogged persistence and the burning of a score of late-night, mood-inducing candles can't make the rest of the record anything more than a series of anonymous, amorphous grooves heightened by the odd sparky vocal and dashed by a succession of ghastly soft-soul lyrics. Stick with the single. (1 star out of 5)

 Track   Title   Songwriter   Playing Time 
1 I wrote you a song Misty Oldland / Joe Dworniak 04:56
2 A fair affair (je t'aime) Misty Oldland / Serge Gainsbourg 04:48
3 Got me a feeling Misty Oldland 06:42
4 Imprison me Misty Oldland 05:15
5 Why do I trust you? Misty Oldland / Kevin Pitts 04:56
6 Caroline Misty Oldland 04:22
7 Kissing the planet Misty Oldland / Don-E 04:27
8 One world Misty Oldland 05:02
9 You are the one Misty Oldland 04:53
10 Like I need Misty Oldland / Joe Crisp 05:31
11 I often wonder Misty Oldland 04:29
12 Groove eternity Misty Oldland 06:38

CD cover picture   Luminous

This album was only released in Japan.

 Track   Title   Songwriter   Playing Time 
1 Fireball Misty Oldland 05:01
2 Magic man Misty Oldland / J.Crisp 05:56
3 Finga in da pie Misty Oldland 04:53
4 Born to grow Misty Oldland 04:59
5 Filling me Misty Oldland 04:18
6 Big enough Misty Oldland 05:38
7 Freestyle Misty Oldland / M.Mcevoy / J.Dworniak 03:24
8 Supersoul Misty Oldland 04:21
9 Indentity Misty Oldland / A.Beadle 03:46
10 Feel sad Misty Oldland 04:20
11 Persephone Misty Oldland 06:43
12 Growing pains Misty Oldland / J.Dworniak 04:04
13 Misty games Misty Oldland / A.Tidd 04:05
14 What a wonderful world  G.P.Weiss / G.Douglas 04:08

Track 14 is a bonus track on Japanese release only (strange thing to mention since as far as I know it's only been released in Japan).

CD cover picture   My Own Road (1998)

This is a tribute album to French singer/songwriter George Brassens. Misty does a song on this album called "Beautiful stranger" (2 versions).

 Track   Title   Singer   Playing Time 
1 My own road Slaughter 04:25
2 Beautiful Stranger Misty Oldland featuring S. Kiv 04:22
3 I have the honour Jason Scheff 03:47
4 Sirens of fame Zen Cowboys 05:08
5 The prayer Jefferson Starship 04:40
6 I made myself small Black Uhuru 03:53
7 Watch the gorilla Young MC 04:02
8 Beautiful stranger (English/French version) Misty Oldland 04:42
9 Sirens of fame (English/French version) Zen Cowboys 05:08
10 Watch the gorilla Rodney Spanking Thomas 04:14
11 Friendship first Asleep at the wheel 03:55
12 Lay me down by the sea Martika 04:25

CD cover picture   I wrote you a song
Japanese release: ESCA 5986 (Epic Sony)

 Track   Title   Japanese release 
1 I wrote you a song    I wrote you a song (7" edit)
2 I wrote you a song I wrote you a song (Soulpower mix)
3 I wrote you a song I wrote you a song (Soulpower hip hop mix)
4 Like I need I wrote you a song (Surgery vocal mix)

CD cover picture   Got me a feeling (1993)

4 track release:

 Track   Title 
1 Got me a feeling (7" version)
2 Still my heart
3 Got me a feeling (Misty's Magic Mix)
4 Got me a feeling (Hustlers of Culture Remix)

2 track UK release:
Columbia 659787 2

 Track   Title 
1 Got me a feeling
2 Still my heart

CD cover picture   Got me a feeling (1993)

 Track   Title 
1 Got me a feeling (7" edit)
2 Got me a feeling (Ian Green's radio mix)
3 Got me a feeling (Mellow 12" mix)
4 Groove eternity (Steely and Cleevie remix)

CD cover picture   A fair affair

This CD-single was released in a 2- and 4-track version. The 2-track CD-single only has one version of A fair affair.

 Track   Title   Japanese release 
1 A fair affair A fair affair (7" edit)
2 A fair affair Got me a feeling (7" edit)
3 A fair affair Still my heart (album version)
4 Caroline (live acoustic)    Got me a feeling (Hustlers of Culture Remix)


CD cover picture   Groove eternity
Japanese release: ESCA 60345 (Epic Sony)

 Track   Title 
1 Groove eternity (Straight mix)
2 Groove eternity (Dub vox mix)
3 Groove eternity (Album version)

Session work

Misty Oldland did some session work for other artists. She probably did more but these are the only ones I know of.

 Artist / Group   Album / Track   Misty      Year 
Chezeré Upfront... And Personal (3 tracks) bckgr vocals cd 1998 (?)
Morcheeba Who Can You Trust? bckgr vocals cd 1997 (?)

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