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Date: 02 Feb 1998
Subject: Wendy Matthews

Hi Alex

I have just been to your Wendy Matthews page. Great to see a page devoted to her!

I have lots of additional information in the database on my homepage. I have entries for Wendy, Absent Friends and Models.

I don't think Wendy was ever a "member" of Models, she just did some session work for them (after all she lived with Sean Kelly at the time). Kirk Lorange is a Candian born Australian artist that Wendy has done some session work for. The Rockmelons consist of three DJ's who use different singers and rappers for making records and live-performances, so I wouldn't say she was a 'member' of that band. Anything else you want to know, just ask.

Magnus "Honga" Holmgren

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998
Subject: Wendy Matthews/ "Walk"

Dear Alex:

Hi there! This is just to say that I'm enjoying your Wendy Matthews homepage!

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia and I remember hearing Wendy's songs on the radio when I was at University, but I was never really that interested in her until I went home last September. (I'm working in Hong Kong presently). I decided that I should buy some Australian music to bring back with me and the first name that I thought of was "Wendy Matthews"!!! (which is strange now that I know she's originally from Canada!). "Ghosts" had just been released and so I bought a copy; I loved it! Since then, I've managed to find Emigre' and also Lily but I'm still looking for "The Witness Tree".

Oddly enough, the movie "Rikki and Pete" was on TV here a few nights ago too and I recognised her voice immediately on the songs.

Finally, yes! I was surprised to find that your Wendy Matthews page was not from Australia! I was really happy to find it because I was desperately trying to find some information on her. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,
Melvin Lee

Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998
Subject: wendy matthews

hi there,
i really enjoyed your page on wendy matthews. i've always been a big fan of hers in fact, we have a similar voice and she has been inspiriational as far as my singing goes. as for more infor:- wendy was in a trio with kate ceberano and ?jenny morris but you'll have to check this out for sure, cause it was a while ago.

thanks again, good work

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997
Subject: wendy matthews

really enjoyed your site, and must say keep it up! really cool work for a dedication to a great artist...i'm from oz so if need anyhelp i'll try to do my best...also can you put a version of standing strong on your site


Date: Thu, 6 Nov 97
Subject: Wendy Matthews Home page.

I was just looking at your Wendy Matthews Home page, it really is very good. Some other info that might be of interest, she sang backing vocals and also a solo song 'Jump' on the Rockmelons album 'Tales of the City' I think it was called. I will confirm. It's pretty good stuff. Do you know of any forums with her in mind?


Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997
Subject: Ghosts


I like your web page. I live in America, and I can't find Wendy Matthews - "Ghosts." Do you know of any places on the web that have mail order for this title, or could I give you money to purchase the "Ghosts" CD for me?

Let me know.
Brant Skogrand
Minneapolis, MN USA

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997
Subject: wendy matthews

Thanks for the web page on wendy matthews. I think she is so cool but it took me forever to find this web. Maybe my stupidity is to blame. Great info. Hopefully I can locate CD at a store or order it now that I have appropriate information. Added your web page to my favorite places and look forward to any updates on concerts and CDs.

Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997
Subject: Wendy Matthews

Hi Alex,

I saw your home page when looking for Wendy Matthews on the net. You seem to know a lot about her, and I have a problem. I'd like to get her album with the song "The day you went away", I guess it's LILY I'm looking for then. But have you got any idea of where I can get it? In Sweden they don't sell it anymore, and when asking a friend in New Zealand she found out that the album isn't for sale any more anywhere in the world. Do you know how to contact W Matthews record company so that maybe I can find it that way. I don't know the name of the record company. Could you please help me?

I liked your hp, some good information, just what I was looking for. Thanx for all your help!!

Annika, Sweden

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997
Subject: Wendy Matthews information

Hi Jad,

Thank you for your Wendy Matthews page! I've been looking for more info on her and how I can get her CDs in the United States. Do you know where I can order her CDs, either through mail-order or the Internet, or a record store in Southern California?

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the info!


Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997
Subject: wmatthews

Hi. My name's Leah and I've just visited your Wendy Matthews homepage. She's one of my favourite singers and I have been lucky enough to meet her twice (because I live in Australia) - the second time she let me have my photo taken with her. She's a lovely gal! I don't have an incredible amount of info about her sorry. I know that she was on Sesame Street at the age of four, and used to busk around Canada before moving here. She's somewhere between the age of thirty-four and thirty-seven. She became an Australian citizen in a ceremony in Sydney in 1995, just a few days before Australia Day. Haven't got much else to tell you. Good on you for making a homepage for Wendy. I do have some pictures but no way of sending them through the computer.

Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997
Subject: a question ?

Enjoyed your Wendy Matthews Page. I am interested in the words to The Water is Wide, she says it is a traditional song....from where ? If you can offer any info it would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Betty

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997
Subject: Wendy Matthews/Lily

Great to finally find something about Wendy on the net. I've heard a rumour about a re-release of Lily(no longer available) called Lily-The Aniversary Album(5 year aniversary?). Do you know anything about this? I only have Lily on tape(cost me $2.50 :) ) but I dont get to hear it very often as I dont have a tape player. Havent been able to find Lily CD for sale anywhere :(

Tim O'Brien

Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997
Subject: wendy matthews

Hello! I have to say that I Iiked your site. I love Wendy myself so I am glad to find a place like this.

I just want to say that Wendy appears in an australian film about Errol Flynn. She sings a song in a nightclub. I don´t know what the name of the film is. Probably something with Errol.........

Good luck with the site.
Bye! Henrik

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997
Subject: Wendy Matthews

Hi j.a.d. !

I´m ´writing to you to thank you for putting Wendy Matthews "on the map". I´ve looked everywhere for some information about her, but it´s not all that easy in Europe, where she is relatively unknown.

I became aware of Wendy through the wonderful single "The Day You Went Away", and promptly bought the CD "Lily", which was played constantly for quite a while. Sadly, I couldn´t get anything else until I finally got an Internet connection and ordered a few things from Greg´s Music World in Australia. I was devastated to hear that the live CD "The Way it has to be" had been deleted a few days (!!!) before I ordered it. The other CD´s and video were immediately rushed to me and I thoroughly enjoyed "Emigre", although the religious theme to "The Witness Tree" spoilt it for me. Do you know if Wendy has any plans for releasing anything in the near future? I would be extremely grateful for any information you could pass on to me. I would also be extremely grateful, if you could see your way to obtaining "The Way it has to be" for me. I have no immediate plans for visiting Australia, so it may be a while before I can get around to looking for it myself. If you could get a copy for me, I would more than make it worth your while. Thanks once again for taking the time for your tribute to Wendy, and all I can say is, keep up the good work.

Bye for now,
Steve Schmied, Bremen/Germany

Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996
Subject: Wendy singing Walk

Hello, I am a big fan of the Japanese pop group Chage and Aska. They just released a new international album featuring various western artists, among which Wendy Matthews sings one song, namely Walk. I love this song by Chage and Aska very much. I am really glad that Wendy's singing gives me a new feeling to this song.

In fact, I don't listen to anything except Chage and Aska, so I didn't know who Wendy was when I saw her name in Chage and Aska's new album. I find her singing terrific! So I searched for her on the net. I want to thank you for making this homepage. Without your efforts, probably I might have to try very hard to ask people.

Once again, thanks a lot!

Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996
Subject: Wendy Matthews - NO Downunder Homepage

Dear JAD

I like you am amazed that WM has no Aussie home page (she's an Aussie citizen for Christ's sake!).

She is a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice!

I have seen her live on two occasions (the second was in 1993 - such a long time ago). She usually does an ablbum every two years - maybe she will resurface again this year.

I hope others see the page and add more.

See ya!
Mike Macaskill
Melbourne Vic

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