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Dancing daze
Token angels
Woman's gotta have it
Let's kiss (Like angels do)
The day you went away
Friday's child
Standing strong
Say a prayer
If only I could
Love will keep me alive
Then I walked away
I've got to have you

CD cover picture   Dancing daze

Token angels (1990)

Reached number 18 in November 1990 in Australia.

Woman's gotta have it (1990 / 1991)

Reached number 34 in February 1991 in Australia.

Let's kiss (1991)

Reached number 14 in June 1991 in Australia.

CD cover picture   The day you went away (1992)
rooArt YZ733CD

Reached number 2 in December 1992 in Australia.

 Track   Title 
1 The day you went away
2 I don't want to be with you (live)
3 Won't let me be (live)

CD cover picture   Friday's child (1993)

Reached number 15 in Australia. The promotion copy of this single has a short introductory message explaining a little about Wendy :

Wendy She is originally from Canada, has Scottish, Spanish and a good portion of Red Indian blood in her veins. In her new home of Australia, she became a star in a very short time with her debut album 'Emigre': Wendy Matthews.

Now her new album 'Lily' is available. The emphatic "Friday's child" has been chosen as the promotion single. 'Lily' is an emotional album, with a range varying from down-to-earth pop to titles with a bar-room jazz feeling. "I love many different styles of music," she says, "but didn't want to be classed as a pop and jazz singer." 'Lily', available since the Autumn in Australia, certainly underlines this statement.

"The day you went away", the first single taken from the album, went to the number two position in the charts and was the most-sold title of a domestic artist on the fifth continent in 1992. "Homecoming song by Susannah castaway" has it's roots in folk music, "t.k.o." goes in the direction of rythym'n'blues and "Face of Appalachia", written by Lowell George, tells of a Canadian mountain range where Wendy's red indian ancestors come from.

The signs all point towards a hit. The debut album 'Emigre' went platinum in Australia in 1990. The single "Token Angels" received an award as the best Australian debut single in 1992. Wendy Matthews herself was honoured as the best female artist. 'Lily' has already reached double platinum status.

Translated from German by Steve Schmied

 Track   Title 
1 Friday's child
2 So tell me now
3 Goin' back to my roots (live)

CD cover picture   T.k.o. (1993)

 Track   Title 
1 t.k.o.
2 Face of Appalachia (live)
3 Walk away (live)

Standing strong (1994)

Reached number 37 in December 1994 in Australia.

CD cover picture   Say a prayer (1995)
rooArt WM002

 Track   Title 
1 Say a prayer (remix)
2 If you're ready (come go with me)
3 I didn't take your man
4 Until you say

CD singel picture   Happy (1995)
rooArt WM003

 Track   Title 
1 Happy
2 Silent night

CD cover picture   If only I could (1993)

Reached number 41 in May 1995 in Australia.

 Track   Title 
1 If only I could
2 If only I could - timebomb mix
3 Until you say

Love will keep me alive

 Track   Title 
1 Love will keep me alive
2 God watch over you
3 Remember my forgotten man

CD cover picture   Then I walked away (1997)

The first single released from the album 'Ghosts'. It reached number 75 in June 1997 in Australia.

This song was written by Gary Clark, you can find his version of this song on the album ? from the band Transister. Transister is Gary Clarck, Keely Hawks (lead singer) and Eric.

 Track   Title 
1 Then I walked away
2 Sweet love
3 Unfurl the coil

CD cover picture   Big (15-Sep-1997)

Before I heard the band version of "Find me here" that is on this CD-single I wondered how such a wonderful song would sound with a band. Imho, don't bother listening to it, it's nothing like the original that's on the CD.

 Track   Title   Song writer   Playing Time 
1 Big Wendy Matthews / Glenn Skinner 03:35
2 Find me here (band version) 04:23
3 Two sizes too big Wendy Matthews / Glenn Skinner 03:40

CD cover picture   Beloved (19-Feb-1998)

 Track   Title   Song writer   Playing Time 
1 Beloved Wendy Matthews / Glenn Skinner 04:14
2 I lied Wendy Matthews / Glenn Skinner 02:24
3 Ruins 04:24


CD cover picture   Beloved - Limited Edition (24-Aug-1998)
BMG No: 74321617782

To commemorate White Rose Day and the first anniversary of Princess Di's death, a special version of "Beloved" has been released. $2 from the sale of the single will be donated to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

 Track   Title   Songwriter 
1 Beloved Wendy Matthews / Glenn Skinner
2 I lied Wendy Matthews / Glenn Skinner
3 Ruins Robert James / Wendy Matthews
4 The day you went away Male / Batson

CD cover picture   I've got to have you (15-Feb-1999)
BMG No: 74321648242

 Track   Title   Songwriter 
1 I've got to have you

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