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Models - Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight
Models - Media
Noel's Cowards (and others) - Soundtrack Rikky And Pete
Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews - You've Always Got The Blues
Absent Friends - Here's Looking Up Your Address

Compilation Albums

One Voice: The Songs Of Chage & Aska


Live at the Sidney Opera House

Session work


Wendy sang on two albums of the group Models. She did backing vocals on tracks such as 'Let's kiss', 'Evolution', 'Hold on', 'Cold fever', 'King of kings' and 'Oh darlin'. She also appears in some of their video clips. The group broke up in 1987/1988. On their first album she only did backing vocals on one song and I'm not really sure if she was a real member of the group then. You can find more info about the Models at http://angelfire.com./ak2/MusicIceskating/models.html

CD cover picture   Models - Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight (1985)

 Track   Title 
1 Out of mind out of sight
2 Big on love
3 Stormy tonight
4 Ringin like a bell
5 King of kings
6 Cold fever
7 I hear motion
8 Sooner in heaven
9 These blues
10 Barbados

CD cover picture   Models - Media (1987)

Members listed on this album: James Freud (bass, vocals); Sean Kelly (guitar, vocals); Roger Mason (keyboards, vocals); Barton Price (drums, percussion)

Guests: James Valentine (sax); Wendy Matthews (vocals)

 Track   Title 
1 Evolution
2 Let's kiss
3 Hold on
4 Beast o' mine
5 Shootin' train
6 Build it up
7 Bitter years
8 Sky went grey
9 I had a premonition
10 Ghostworld

Some of the information about the Models was taken with permission from the Models website.

CD cover picture   Noel's Cowards (and others) - Soundtrack Rikky And Pete

Soundtrack for the movie Rikky and Pete. Wendy Matthews is singing in the group Noel's Cowards who made 6 songs for this soundtrack. Other artists on this soundtrack are Crowded House, Schnell Fenster, Blue Healers and Keith Glass & The Honky Tonks. There are also a number of short instrumental songs by Eddie Rayner and Brian Baker on the album.

The movie is a comedy about Rikky, a geologist and singer (she uses the voice of Wendy to sing), and her brother Pete, an inventor who is always making trouble in their home town. Feeling like misfits they flee to a remote mining community in the outback of Australia. They both get jobs for the mining company and here it is hoped that Rikky will at last discern her direction in life, and that Pete can work on his Rube Goldberg-ish inventions in peace. Well now, if everything went as planned, there wouldn't be much of a movie, would there?

 Track   Title   Vocals   Song writer   Playing Time 
1 Pete's theme Baker / Rayner 01:51
2 Recurring dream Finn / Hester / Hooper / Seymour 02:52
3 Rikky's sample Baker / Rayner 00:42
4 Finger's crossed Wendy Matthews  Judd 02:38
5 Cold shoulder Wendy Matthews Judd 02:29
6 In the dark Wendy Matthews Judd 02:56
7 Tears of joy Wendy Matthews Judd 02:50
8 Just like you Wendy Matthews Judd 02:28
9 Hard to believe Wendy Matthews Judd 02:51
10 Pete's ride Baker / Rayner 01:46
11 As good as it gets Baker / Rayner 01:10
12 Run a mile Crombie / DenElzen / Griggs / Judd 03:02
13 Return to Melbourne Baker / Rayner 01:02
14 Perfect world Stockley 02:43
15 Couldn't happen to a nicer guy Baker / Rayner 01:08
16 Last call for love Glass 02:39
17 How many more moves Glass 00:00
18 Hell of a job Glass 03:31
19 Whitstead Baker / Rayner 01:25

CD cover picture   You've Always Got The Blues (1988)
Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews

Soundtrack for the ABC TV series 'Stringer'. The album features Kate Ceberano and Wendy Matthews on most tracks (solo or duet), with Joy Smithers and Martin Armiger on other tracks. You can find more about Kate Ceberano at her webpage.

 Track   Title   Vocals   Playing Time 
1 You've always got the blues  Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 04:20
2 Guilty (through neglect) Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 04:17
3 Back from the dead Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 03:53
4 The danger zone Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 02:18
5 Stringer Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 02:53
6 Sing to me Kate Ceberano 03:32
7 The girl in the picture Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 03:47
8 3 = 2 + 1 (shame) Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 02:49
9 Cry me a river Kate Ceberano & Wendy Matthews 02:46
10 Don't you take it too bad Wendy Matthews & Martin Armiger 04:03
11 Young love Joy Smithers 03:44
12 The way you look tonight Wendy Matthews & Kate Ceberano 02:26

CD cover picture   Absent Friends - Here's Looking Up Your Address (1990)
rooArt 842 828-2

This CD was made by a group called Absent Friends. Wendy Matthews sings the lead vocals on 4 tracks and has a short spoken part in French on track 14. She sings most of the backing vocals. There are also some ex-Models in the group.

Band members:

Nicole Ainslie    organ, backing vocals
Garry Beers       bass                        ( INXS )
Sean Kelly        vocals, guitar, keyboards   ( Models )
Michael King      guitar, backing vocals
John Mackay       drums, percussion, piano
Roger Mason       keyboards                   ( Models )
Wendy Matthews    vocals                      ( Models )
James Valentine   saxophone, clarinet         ( Models )

 Track   Title   Lead vocal   Playing Time 
1 Hullabaloo Sean Kelly 04:16
2 Mean streak Sean Kelly 03:39
3 Sister Wendy Matthews 03:58
4 Hallelujah Sean Kelly / Wendy Matthews 04:41
5 Everybody up Sean Kelly 04:15
6 I don't want to be with nobody but you  Wendy Matthews 04:46
7 Come clean Sean Kelly 04:11
8 The water is wide Wendy Matthews 05:10
9 Harmony Sean Kelly 04:38
10 I had a premonition Sean Kelly 04:23
11 Pomonas place Wendy Matthews 03:00
12 Clemency Sean Kelly 04:25
13 Here's looking up your address Instrumental 01:31
14 Thank you, goodnight Sean Kelly 05:05
15 Hallelujah Sean Kelly / Wendy Matthews 03:39

Compilation Albums

CD cover picture   One Voice: The Songs Of Chage & Aska (1996)

Wendy Matthews is one of the singers on this album from the Japanese pop group Chage and Aska. This features various western artists with among others Boy George, and Cathy Dennis. Wendy sings one song on this album called "Walk" (Imho, it's not worth buying this album for this song).

 Track   Title   Artist / Group 
1 As you walked way Maxi Priest (featuring Shaggy)
2 Take me away Lisa Stansfield and Aska
3 Rasberry Chaka Khan
4 Red hill Michael Hutchence
5 Cancion de amor para olvidarte  Alejandro Sanz
6 The river Chage & Aska
7 Love's a cradle Cathy Dennis
8 Pride Apache Indian
9 Dream Boy George
10 Heart of my own Richrad Marx
11 Hang up the phone Londonbeat
12 Castles in the air Chage & Aska
13 Lies Marianne Faifthfull
14 Walk Wendy Matthews


Live at the Sidney Opera House (video)

Wendy live

 Track   Title 
1 Walk away
2 If only I could
3 Waiting in vain
4 Friday's child
5 T.k.o.
6 Woman's gotta have it
7 Inexorably yours
8 Let's kiss (like angels do)
9 The day you went away
10 Nobody but you

Session work

Wendy Matthews did a lot of session work for other artists. Sometimes it is not very clear if Wendy was a member of a group or a session musician. I'm sure it's not a complete list so if you know of any other work please contact me. Most of the info comes from the Australian Rock Pages.

 Artist / Group   Album / Track   Wendy      Year 
Kirk Lorange No Apostrophe lp 1983
John Paul Young One Foot In Front lp 1983
Paul Black s 1984
Jonathon Coleman Polka Project mlp 1984
Soundtrack Street Hero 1984
Models Out Of Mind Out Of Sight lp 1985
Marc Hunter Communication lp 1986
TV-Series Dancing Daze 1986
Soundtrack Illusion 1986
Venetians Calling In The Lions lp 1986
Pink Slips Ache lp 1986
Dave Dobbyn Loyal lp 1986
Models Media lp 1987
GANGgajang Gang Again lp 1987
Richard Clapton Glory Road lp 1987
Jimmy Barnes Freight Train Heart bckgr vocals lp 1987
John Hanlon S.S. lp 1988
Soundtrack Boulevard of Broken Dreams 1988
N. Hazelhurst S.A.W. lp 1988
Mark Callaghan Sailors and Mermaids lp 1988
Billy Field Say Yes lp 1989
Tony Llewellyn 12" 1989
Dragon Bondi Bach lp 1989
Ross Wilson Dark Side Of The Man lp 1989
Various ABC Children's Series 0,5,6 lps 1989
Llewellyn s 1989
Sean Kelly Thank you Goodnight s 1989
Die Laughing Die Laughing lp 1989
Peter Blakeley Harry's Cafe De Wheels lp 1989
Cher Heart Of Stone vocals, bckgr vocals  1989
Paul Kelly and The Messengers  Pouring Petrol on a Burning Man s 1990
Icehouse Code Blue bckgr vocals cd 1990
Die Laughing Running From The Guns bckgr vocals 1990
Jenny Morris Honeychild cd 1991
Rockmelons From One Planet cd 1992
Max Sharam Million Year Girl bckgr vocals cd 1995

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