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Wendy Matthews returns with a new album (Rolling Stone, Aug 1997)

Best female singer Wendy Matthews (Rolling Stone)

Brash Magazine (1997/1998)

Anger has given way to acceptance in Wendy Matthews' album Ghosts (The Age newspaper, 1997/1998)

The Wendy Matthews interview (Citysearch Melbourne, 1997/1998)

The gospel according to Matthews (Cream Magazine, 1997/1998)

Wendy's radio days (Herald Sun, June 1998)

They are women, hear them roar on all-female tour (The Weekend Australian, February 1998)

Wendy Matthews in Concert (The Tivoli: Brisbane 20th July 1998)

Lily review Q Magazine (1992/1993)

Wendy wants to lay a few ghosts (1997)

Wendy Matthews Greates Steps (Sanity Magazine Issue 10, April 1999)

She’ll take Manhattan, pop Chanteuse Wendy Matthews plants Lily overseas (Who Weekly 18, October 1993)

All the world is a stage (Escape Jan-Jun 1995)

Wendy Matthews, with a little help from God and Elvis (X-Press 25 June, 1996)

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