Wendy Matthews in Concert

The Tivoli: Brisbane 20th July 1998
by Jim Doyle

Well, what can one say?

For someone who appears to be so petite and fragile in person, Wendy Matthews has all the power and possibly more, than some of the bigger and better known performers in this country. Wendy has appeal to all age groups; this was evident with a casual glance about the theatre. There were young, old and everyone else in between; all there to see Wendy Matthews in concert.

In a strange way, I left the theatre with mixed feelings. On one hand, I was disappointed and yet at the same time I was happy and left with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

Wendy I must explain that this is the first artist that I have paid to see and listen to, performing live. Wendy Matthews was the one I had chosen over eight years ago that I would see. It has taken me this long to find myself in the same town at the same time as her. On her current tour I missed her in Melbourne, Cairns and Townsville but finally caught up with her in Brisbane. So the whole experience has been a huge learning curve for me after having been enchanted by her rich voice, passion and inspirational lyrics echoing in my head since I first heard her in 1980.

This lady has a voice that just reaches down inside your very being and touches your soul and leaves you feeling like you have been touched by something special, be it sad or happy, you feel it! The thing that I found on the night was that you could close your eyes and still get the same feeling, which makes me think that the magic is in the voice and the interpretation given by Wendy herself. Not by what she looks like or the band.

The other thing that brought me down to earth was when I finally meet Wendy, signing posters, she is very much a real person, someone who is happy to chat to people, expressing her own feelings without any pretentious crap. There is genuineness in her smile and her laugh, which I found very refreshing.

The only thing that I was unhappy about was the volume of the sound coming from the speakers. I thought that it was too loud. On a number of occasions Wendy's voice distorted when she hit some high notes. On other occasions the music from the band was drowning out her wonderful voice.

The final Verdict: I think have come as close as I am ever likely to come to hearing an angel sing and I will continue to draw on the strength's and inspiration sent in flight by this wonderful woman.

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