Wendy's radio days


Herald Sun - June 18th, 1998
By Cameron Adams

Wendy matthews has a problem with her songs being played on radio. Commercial station want to freeze-frame Matthews' career in 1991, the year her single "The day you went away", officailly became a classic radio hit. "I can be driving around and hear two or three of my old songs a day," says Matthews, "Yet they just won't play the new songs. I'm happy they're playing my songs, but it's frustrating that's all people hear."

"You're busy doing new songs and people asking 'So where have you been, you haven't had a record out for a while?' and it's just not the case."

Matthews may have had little radio support for her album Ghosts, but she's played to full houses since its release last September. She's also working on a new album, absorbing influences derived from listening to everything from trip-hop to Jeff Buckley. I'm trying to get together with people from as many musical backgrounds as possible, just to mix styles. "The rootay stuff, the stuff I grew up on seems to prevail, it's tattooed on my chromosomes."

Before that is a long-awaited Greatest Hits collection, which she is compiling for Christmas release. "I've tried to avoid a Best Of, they seem to denote something final or finished or passed," she says. "But the Paul Kelly Greatest Hits changed that for me. I don't have all his albums, but I went for the best of and it's great."

This week Matthews embarks on several shows at Crown, "I'm really not a casino kind of gal at all," she says. "I'm not cabaret and hopefully never will be. You create your own environment - I'll just have to bring a lot of candles."

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