Lily review Q Magazine (1992/1993 ?)

Wendy Wendy Matthews is a Canadian who has made quite a name for herself in Australia after originally earning her crust as a session singer. Her first album, Emigre (1990), apparently went Australian platinum and Lily is poised to follow suit. But, reliant on others for songs and with thousands, if not millions, to choose from, she's somehow managed to saddle herself with a pretty dull-sounding bunch. Although pure and flexible of voice, she ultimately proves incapable of stamping her authority over such diverse material as Sidney Youngblood's buoyant If Only I Could or the sepia-tinted Face Of Appalachia which comes courtesy of Lowell George and John Sebastian. Cecil Womack's gorgeous TKO fares better, yet the remainder slips by leaving barely a trace. The fact that T-Bone Burnett was the producer seems purelycoincidental. (2 stars out of 5). By Peter Kane.

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