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Back in 1995 when I got connected to the internet, I was surprised not to find a Wendy Matthews Home Page 'down under'. So I made my own in the hope that I could get some more information about this Australian singer. In the following years I collected lots of articles, pictures and sound & video clips that you can find on these pages. I hope you enjoy it all.


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Wendy Matthews News

Wendy Matthews New articles

Thanks to Carol and Marcus I added three new articles and pictures to the webpages. Just surf to the articles page and read about the making of "The Witness Tree" and Wendy travels in Europe and the US.

New gig dates

On the gigs page you can find the latest Wendy Matthews gig dates.

New lyrics

I added the lyrics of "Sweet love" from the "Then I walked away" single to the lyrics pages. Anyone out there who wants to try to put the lyrics of "Unfurl the coil" on paper?

New albums

"Good Vibrations - A Concert for Marc Hunter" is available on CD and PAL format video. One of the tracks is "Here am I" sung by Wendy Matthews.

Wendy was compiling a Greatest Hits album to be released at Christmas, 1998 (make it March 1999). And she is also working on new album.


Wendy Matthews mailing list

We have several webpages, we have the messageboard and now we also have The Wendy Matthews mailing list. Just click on the image to join. I hope to see you there soon. It's a quiet list so it won't fill up your e-mail box.

Click to subscribe to The Wendy Matthews mailing list

Wendy Matthews fanclub

The Wendy Matthews fanclub "Wend's Friends" can be reached at:
   PO Box 925
   Kogarah 1485

Wendy Matthews Official Homepage run by Mish and Leigh who also run the fanclub "Wend's Friends".

Wendy & Robyn Wendy Matthews message board This messageboard was setup by one of Wendy's biggest fans, Robyn (see picture). Take a visit and read all the messages, don't forget to leave a message of your own.

Wendy Matthews at BMG Wendy's webpages at her record company's website.

A webpage about the Models

The Australian Rock Pages Go here if you want to find out more about Australian Rock in general.

Ryan's webpages about Wendy Matthews.

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