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Beth's opening act for Dan Fogelburg, October 29, 1994
Beth at the Park Central Hotel, Miami Beach, February 3, 1998
Beth at Paradiso Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 15, 1998

Beth's opening act for Dan Fogelburg, October 29, 1994

This is a review of Beth Nielsen Chapman's opening act for Dan Fogelburg, October 29, 1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can find more info on Dan Fogelberg at Pete Burgess's Dan Fogelberg page.

I went out and bought both of Beth's CD's prior to this show. After listening to them for a few weeks I was almost as excited to see her in concert as I was to see Fogelberg. In my opinion she lived up to all my expectations. She put on a great show. Besides the GREAT music I thought she did a great job of "performing". It was really fun to watch her perform. I enjoyed her sense of humor and stage presence.

She opened up with 'Life holds on' from her 1990 self titled CD. Beth plays keyboards and is backed up with a four man band. Next she played 'All I have' (a wonderful love song). From there she went into some songs from her new CD You Hold the Key. She played 'You say you will' which she dedicated to "this really cute guy I met 14 years ago and am still with" (her husband). She said it was for those times when they didn't always get along. After that she sang 'Dance with me slow' (which is really slow and sensuous almost big band sounding song). She said her husband wanted to put one of those strobe balls in their house so they could dance together under it. While singing she danced slow with the microphone cord.

She also did 'Rage on Rage' which is a song about domestic abuse. It was a relief to me when she told us that she wrote the song about some relatives several generations that her parents told her about. She said her own parents just celebrated 40 years together. 'Years' is song about going to visit her parents for Christmas. She told us she was an air force "brat" that moved a lot and finally realized how great it is to "go home to one house". She also sang 'Say it to me now' and 'In the time it takes'.

For you guys out there ... if the girls can swoon over Fogelberg then Beth is our revenge. She was dressed all in black with kind of top coat, black shorts, a sheer long kind of blouse/dress, black hose, and knee high boots. Besides her slow dance she also did a couple other dances for us while she sang. (OK I admit it I enjoyed watching her perform but probably no more than the Kid, Linda, and the rest of you women enjoy watching Dan). My only complaint was her bangs that sometimes hung right in front of her face. Made me just want to go pull it out of her eyes for her.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Beth's show. Once again, let me HIGHLY recommend both of her CD's. Her songs cover a wide variety of styles and a wide variety of emotions. I think you'd enjoy her music.

Paul Koeller

Beth at the Park Central Hotel, Miami Beach, February 3, 1998

I had the opportunity of attending a performance by Beth last night (Feb 3, 1998). It was in Miami Beach in the lounge of the Park Central Hotel. It was part of the 'Songwriters in the Round' series. This is an intimate venue with seating for less then 100 and it was SRO.

She was preceded by an hour of talented amateurs performing one original song each. Afterwards, she took turns performing with 3 other professionals. Desmond Child, Amanda Marshall & Eric Bazillion. She performed "Years" (guitar), "Sand and Water" (guitar), "Color of Roses" (piano) & "Happy Girl" (guitar). I was fortunate enough to be seated only a few feet from the piano and enjoyed a close-up view.

She was gracious and patient during the entire show, especially considering the noise coming from the front of the lobby/lounge. After repeated requests by the management to keep quiet, Beth joked, that "The people out in the lobby would be taken out and shot". Before the performance of "Happy Girl" she made a disclaimer that this song was usually performed with a backup band. Consequently she provided some accompaniment by imitating a electric guitar with her mouth.

After the show, I spoke with her for a few minutes. She is a genuinely warm and sincere person and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Pete Burgess

Beth at Paradiso Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 15, 1998

Beth Nielsen Chapman and Annie Roboff I'm just back from Beth's introduction concert in Amsterdam. I went there with another member of the list, Hans Janssen. While getting in we directly ran into Beth and spoke a few words with her and her son Earl. She played in a small room in Paradiso, I think there were less than 100 people there (although I doubt many of them especially came for Beth; her concert was at the end of live radio recordings of a few other bands with lots of young screaming girls).

I made some notes and hope I can read them all while typing this. After a short introduction Beth entered the stage wearing all black. She sat down behind the piano and started playing "Color of roses" followed by "Life holds on". Co-writer of "Happy girl" Annie Roboff was also playing piano and backing vocals. The next song was "Beyond the blue".

She then told about Elton John calling her to ask if he could use "Sand and water" in his shows. She said this was the first song she wrote about a month after her husbands death when she wasn't sure if she would go on writing and singing.

The next song was "Let's stay together" played on the guitar. She told that this was a song she should have written, but before this was written she was to young and when she was old enough to write it, it was already written. She asked the audience to sing some parts but when it came to that she had to start over three times. Later the audience reacted a bit faster.

She then sang "Dance with me slow" still on guitar. She tried to say the tittle of the next song in Dutch but she had forgotten how to say it and what she said really didn't sound much like Dutch. But the song she played was "Happy girl" (or "Gelukkig meisje" for those who want to try saying it in Dutch) with Annie Roboff again doing backing vocals and playing the piano (except for the first 2-3 songs Annie played on al the songs).

Beth She then laid down her guitar and got some strange instrument that looked like what she called an instrument in between a guitar and an umbrella and she sang "Heads on to the recking ball" which strangly changed into "When the saints go marching in" and changed back again. After this song she said she hoped to be back soon playing in a bigger place.

Afterwards I talked to her a bit more. She asked when I first made the page about her and was surprised that it was back in 1996 since after "You hold the key" she didn't do much for about 4 years. She told she had also done a radio show ("de 2 meter sessies") a few hours earlier, normally it's only recorded live and broadcasted later but when I asked when it was broadcasted I found out it was really "live" :( nbsp:nbsp;so I missed that one. For those in the UK, please warn us in time with all the details of the BBC broadcast, I don't want to miss that one. "De 2 meter sessies" is one of the best live radio show in The Netherlands and it is broadcasted on a popular pop-music station and sometimes on TV. So at least a lot more people have heard Beth today.

I also talked to her son Ernest. While his mother was doing her work he was exploring the cities on his skateboard (getting lost and so).

I asked her manager how the introduction tour was going and he said Beth was very well recieved in Paris. He was a bit surprised by this since the lyrics are very important and I think you all know how good the French speak / understand English. The tour started in Paris (France) then on to Hamburg (Germany), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the UK.

I really enjoyed hearing Beth live for the first time, she a good singer and great on stage. I have taking lot's of pictures and will put them on my pages soon.

Alex van Renesse

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