Past Gigs & Appearances

Date: September 19th, 1998
Venue:Bluebird Cafe, Nashville - TN
Details:In The Round with Beth Nielsen Chapman, Annie Roboff and others

Date: September 24th, 1998
Venue:Bluebird Cafe, Nashville - TN
Details:In The Round with Beth Nielsen Chapman, Annie Roboff and others

Date: October 4th, 1998
Venue: Mobile Bayfest, Mobile - AL
Details:Beth will be on the Mix 99.9 Stage at 5:15PM

Date: October 22nd, 1998
Venue: The Ark, Ann Arbour - MI
Details: 8PM. Call 734-761-1818 for more info.

Date: October 24th, 1998
Venue: UAC Discovery Theatre, Battle Creek - MI
Details: Beth is doing two shows (7 & 9pm). This is a Food Bank benefit so please bring canned food.
There is a special room rate being offered by the Battle Creek Inn for fans who may be traveling in from out of town for the show. Call 1-800-232-3405 for reservations and ask for the special concert rate ($58)
Tickets : $20 - call 616-441-2710 - on sale September 8th (after 10AM EST)

Date: October 31-November 1
Venue: Songwriting Workshop, Washington - VA Details: This weekend songwriting workshop is in Washington, VA (1 hour east of Washington, DC) on October 31st and November 1st. Instructors are scheduled to be Paul Reisler, Steve Seskin and Beth Nielsen Chapman. Cost is $125 before 10-1-98. For more info contact Bill Parsons at

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Ilse de Lange, a promissing new Dutch country singer, sings one of Beths songs on her album World Of Hurt. Sorry Beth I think Ilse's version is better.

Elton debuted his version of "Sand and water" in Atlanta at the Roxy, singing for the first time the new third verse. Beth rewrote the verse that refers to her raising her son by herself especially for him. Elton John has adopted "Sand and water", to replace "Candles in the wind", on his American tour. Since he is no longer going to sing "Candles" publicly, he's stated that "Sand and water" has helped him recover from the grief of losing Diana and his designer friend.

Anybody out there know if there is a Beth Nielsen Chapman fan-club? If there is, could you e-mail me their address?.

I know this page is frequently visited, so if you do know anything more about Beth Nielsen Chapman, if she released any singles, if you have a review from a music magazine or if you just want to write me then please e-mail me (Alex) at: jad @ I'm also interested in copy of an article from 'Performing Songwriter'about Beth Nielsen Chapman written by Ashley Cleveland (Mar-Apr 1995, Issue 11).

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You can find a good article/review about Beth at The War Against Silence webpage.

Beth at Panoply. A page with photo's from Beth performing in Huntsville, Alabama

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