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Beth Nielsen Chapman A great American singer/songwriter. Her music can be clasified as Adult Contemporary music. Besides singing her own songs she is also known for the many songs that she has written for mainly country artists including Ilse de Lange. Read more at my site.
Born in London and now living in Los Angelos, Lauren Christy's semi autobiographical debut album came out in 1993. The style of this first album can be classified as Adult Contemporary. But on her 2nd album "Breed", she is screaming out rock.
I was one of the very few lucky people who saw Lou Dalgleish sing live at Waterpop (The Netherlands). Visit my pages to read more about this great British singer and listen to the many soundclips.
This Candian born singer made a big hit with 'The day you went away' all over the world. Despite this Wendy matthews is mainly known in Australia where she has been living for years now. Read more about her career and her latest albums on 'The Wendy Matthews Pages'.
I fel in love with Misty Oldland's groovy, jazzy, soul sound from the first time I played her debut album 'Supernatural'. Just listen to the songs yourself and watch the video clips.
Suzanne Rhatigan started out as a background singer and released her debut album 'To Hell With Love' in 1992. She returned as Rhatigan with a completely different sound in 1996 with her album 'Late Developer' and her latest album 'Big Stick'.
I never heard of Schascle, but intrigued by the cover of her album 'Haunted By Real Life' I picked it up at a recordshop. What a powerful voice, what a powerful sound. Just listen to some of the songs and read more about her.
After enjoying Helen Watson's first 2 album for a couple of years I wondered what happened to her. I found out she was still making music and released several new albums. Although her music style changed a bit she's still going on strong.

When I got on the net the first thing I did was searching for the web pages of my favourite music artists. After a few months I decided to make my own web pages about the artist I couldn't find. I didn't have much information when I started, but with the help of the readers I gathered more and more information. I hope you like my pages and if you know more about any of the artists, please contact me (Alex) at: jad @ bart.nl

March 25th, 2003: I haven't updated this site for two years now, so I just started working on a much needed update.

Other artist I like:

Anouk, All About Eve, Oleta Adams, Tori Amos, Tina Arena, Merril Bainbridge, Basia, Mary Black, Sam Brown, Kate Bush, Capercaillie, Lori Carson, Tracy Chapman, Clannad, Shawn Colvin, The Corrs, The Cranberries, Beverley Craven, Deacon Blue, Des'ree, Enya, Ebba Forsberg, Frente!, Melanie Garside, Beth Hart, Beth Hirsh, Janis Ian, Icehouse, Natalie Imbruglia, Indigo Girls, Joe Jackson, Jewel, Marti Jones, Cowboy Junkies, Lone Justice, Chantal Kreviazuk, Suzanne Little, Lisa Loeb, Sinead Lohan, Mary Lou Lord, Natalie Merchant, Amanda Marshall, Karen Matheson, Eleanor McEvoy, Maria McKee, Loreena McKennitt, Sarah McLachlan, Lynn Miles, Joni Mitchell, Nadieh, Nilsson, Tone Norum, Heather Nova, Sinead O'Connor, Joan Osborne, Holly Palmer, Rebekah, Bic Runga, Happy Rhodes, Sade, Seal, Silje, Soraya, The Sundays, Pauline Taylor, This Mortal Coil, Emiliana Torrini, Suzanne Vega, Jennifer Warnes, and Sophie Zelmani.

My latest albums:

May, 1998: Bic Runga - Drive, Great album. I want more....
May, 1998: Rebekah - Remember To Breathe
May, 1998: Mary Lou Lord - Got No Shadow
July, 1998: Heather Nova - The First Recordings. Heather sounding like Joni Mitchell.
August, 1998: Heather Nova - Siren. Heather's last album, with some great new songs on it (not all of them).
August, 1998: Cowboy Junkies - Miles From Our Home. I like what they do now.
August, 1998: Ebba Forsberg - Lost count (single)
September, 1998: Sophie Zelmani - Precious Burden. So relaxing.
October, 1998: Nilsson, Great new Dutch band
October, 1998: Heather Nova - Heart and shoulder (single), with Heather's acoustic version of "Many rivers to cross"
October, 1998: Lou Dalgleish - At Ronnie Scotts Live Solo Acoustic. Had to order this in the UK, brings back memories from when I saw her live at Waterpop (Wateringen, The Netherlands). She has also a new album out called "Music".
October, 1998: Schascle - Live @ The Five O'. Another live album, this time I had to order it from the US, and it is signed by Schascle.... This lady has soul..... She is working on a new album.
October, 1998: Heather Nova - London rain (single). I'm just a big fan of Heather and had to have to two new tracks on this single.
November, 1998: Lynn Miles - Night In A Strange Town. I went to the record store to listen to Lucinda Williams latest record. While listening through the headphones I was distracted by what was playing in the store, Lynn Miles album Night In A Strange Town. Halfway Lucinda's album I took off the headphones and started listening to Lynn. Her voice is like Shawn Colvin, her music softer.
December, 1998: Lou Dalgleish - Music. I also had to order this from England. Just 7 tracks but is a nice album, not as good as her first one.
December, 1998: Jewel - Spirit. I didn't like Jewels first album (besides one or two songs) but this album is just great.
December, 1998: Ilse DeLange - World Of Hurt. A new Dutch "country" singer (maybe "country" is not the right word). Watch out for her she has a record deal with Warner Nashville and the title song is written by none other than Beth Nielsen Chapman
February, 1999: Stacey Earl - Simple Gearle
March, 1999: Lou Dalgleish - Calmer. Finally a new 'real' album from Lou Dalgleish. I have some reviews on this album on my Lou Dalgleish Webpages (in Dutch and partly translated to English)
March, 1999: Beth Orton - Central Reservation. From what I remember I didn't like Beth's first album. But this second one is great.
June, 1999: Amanda Marshall - Tuesday's Child. She took her time making this second album but still not a bad album.
September, 1999: Mary Black - Speaking with the angel. With 'Circus' and especially 'Shine' Mary's style changed into the wrong direction. I'm glad she got back to her roots with her latest album although it is not as good as 'Babes in the wood', 'No frontiers' or 'The holy ground'.
September, 1999: Eleanor McEvoy - Snapshots. Yet another singer who changed her style into something I didn't like. But I was surprised when listening to her new album, this should have been the follow up of her debut album. Strong lyrics and a more matured sound.
September, 1999: Beth Hart - Screamin' for my supper. After the two softer pop CD's mentioned above I needed something harder, rougher and Beth has got this great rough voice. Although some songs are a little bit to rough for me.
September, 1999: Pauline Taylor - Pauline Taylor. (See also What I didn't buy, July 1999). I couldn't resist buying this album, although I was a bit disappointed by the electronic sounds in some of the songs the other songs are still great. And maybe it was a bit blunt to say that 'The letter' was ruined by all the electronic sounds but just imagine this song with only a guitar.......(after hearing it a few more time maybe "ruined" is a bit too much, it's a great song).
October, 1999: Alison Krauss new album.
December, 1999: Neeka - Neeka. A Belgian singer, what's there to say, after palying it a few times it is not as good as I thought.
December, 1999: Dune - Forever. They made trance/dance music before, but now they do "popular" music with an orchestra. Their version of "Hide and seek" is really great.
???, 2000:Beth Hirsh - ... Interesting....I really like this.
???, 2000:Tracy Earl - .... Not as good as her debut, but I like this kind of music.
July, 2000:Chantal Kreviazuk - Under these rocks and stone. Yes, a somewhat older album. Due to Napster I really began to appreciate her music and finally bought the album.
July, 2000:Tina Arena - ... Another album I bought due to Napster. What can you expect from an artist with such a name ..... some great songs.
July, 2000:Natalie Merchant. And yet another album I finally bought due to Napster.

Live recordings:

October, 1998: Beth Nielsen Chapman - De 2 meter sessies (radio show). I had an invitation to meet Beth at Paradiso in Amsterdam some months ago and totally forgot to record the live radio session she also did that day. So after putting a request on the Dutch music newsgroup I found someone who recorded it. Besides making a copy Beth's songs he also had some live recordings of Bic Runga lying around.
November, 1998: Heather Nova - De 2 meter sessies (radio show). In The Netherlands we have this really good radio (TV) program called "De 2 meter sessies" (The 2 meter sessions). I already had some live Nova songs recorded from the TV version of this program a couple of years ago. Now that she is doing a concert here she was back on the radio with 3 songs : "Truth and bone", "London rain" and "Heart and shoulder".
November, 1998: Heather Nova - Leidsekade Live (radio show) Yeah, I'm a big fan of her (although I missed the concert) and just recorded 6 songs from the concert she did in Utrecht some days ago. Had some problems with the radio while recording the first 2 songs but the rest is great. Now I have to wait until January for some more songs from this concert. If I got them all I will burn my own Heather Nova Live CD.
March, 1999: Bic Runga - Concrete Coloured Skies. Kim (from New Zealand) made this tape with Bic Runga rarities, some special mixes, and live and acoustic versions. Some great songs I hadn't heard before.
March, 1999: Ilse de Lange - Live at Tivoli '98. Recorded a live show from the Dutch music station TMF. This girl can really sing live.
1999: Pinkpop 1999 - Live recordings of: Jewel, Heather Nova, Ilse de Lange, Alanis Morisette and Skunk Anansie.
2000: Beth Hart - De 2 meter sessies.
2000: Emiliana Torrini - De 2 meter sessies.

Looking out for:

Schascle's new album, if it will ever come out
Wendy Matthews new album
Merril Bainbridge 2nd album
Misty Oldland's new album, if it will ever come out
Rhatigan's new album "Big Stick"

What I didn't buy:

1997: Beth Orton - Trailer Park. Not my style.
1997: Oleta Adams: Her beautiful voice that was missing on her two previous albums is back, but why did she go gospel....?
1998: Tori Amos - From the choirgirl hotel. Loose that band Tori.....
September, 1998: Des'ree new album. Let's just say: Her first albums was her best.
September, 1998: Sinead Lohan - No Mermaid. A bit, no very, disappointing
September, 1998: ???? - Blue planet. Not my style
November, 1998: Alicia's Attic - ????. Sounds interesting but no.
November, 1998: Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road. I can understand why this album was recommended to me but how a singers voice sounds is very important to me and Lucinda's voice is just not what I like to hear. And her music style.... no this is not for me (See also My latest albums: Lynn Miles).
December, 1998: Bloem de Lingy - Zink. This 19 year old Dutch singers sounds a lot like Bjork, so if you like Bjork BUY this album
February, 1999: I want to be Kate. An album on which a dozen of not very known artist (besides Syd Straw I didn't know any of them) try to sing songs of Kate Bush. I don't know why but some tried to imitate Kate exactly and of course most of them failed, others shouldn't even have tried.... Only one song sounded interesting, a rap version of 'There goes a tenner', and that was the only highlight on this album.
February, 1999: Jessica. The single sounds good, but the first tracks on this album just couldn't interest me. Some of the later tracks sounded alright (but by that time I got distracted by reading about Lou Dalgleish new album and Lone Justice new 'best of' album.
March, 1999: Lone Justice - ????. A sort best of album with about 7 (or so) new tracks. The new tracks are more in the style of their first album. Maybe these were tracks that didn't make it on their first album and I think some of them shouldn't have made it to this album. What's left are some track's of their two albums and a couple of live tracks. The live tracks are really great and they are the only reason why you should but the album.
April, 1999: Beth Orton - Trailer Park. I already listened to this album in 1997 (I didn't like it then) but since I really liked her new album I listened to it again and I still don't like it.
July, 1999: Pauline Taylor - Pauline Taylor. I heard Pauline Taylor for the first time live singing 'The letter' on a Dutch television show ..... what a great song and voice. It took a couple of weeks before I could listen to her album. The first two songs started out great they were in the same style of what I heard on the television. Then came the disappointment, the album version of 'The letter' is really ruined by all the electronic carbage (probably left from her Faithless days). And that was not the only song. Please Pauline, next time make it a real singer/songwriter album. (I maybe buying this album after all, and I did).
November, 1999: Indigo Girls - Come on now social, some nice songs on there like Sisters, but overall....no not for me.
November, 1999: Lene Marlin - Playing My Game. Some nice songs, some good lyrics, but for me it just misses something.
December 1999: Tori Amos - To Venus And Back. She didn't read my advice (see above). But why did I ever think Tori would read this..... (although the live CD is great).


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