English folksinger/songwriter. Known for the brilliant double-cd Gentlemen about his two grandfathers who both fought in the first worldwar. Back to: dichtersoverzicht

(3 nov 2001)

The Kaiser was a rich man, made his money from the poor
In the fields of Tanganyka, in the factories in the Ruhr
& his cousin the king of England was doing just as well
with his pink maps & his people in Hull, Halifax & Hell
& it killed the International when the Bishops blessed the guns
& The Kaiser & his cousins went & started World War One.

Osama was an oil man, he liked to play around
Till one day he got so bored he got religion,
Georgie was an oil man like his daddy was before,
One day he got religion & elected by his brother in law
& they promised us a new war, we could watch it on TV
when Georgie & Osama went & started World War Three.

King Billy was a rich man & an Orange man through & through,
He would not have the Vatican telling his people what to do,
All those years of marching nowhere & however many dead,
Some people started thinking we could maybe talk instead
Now Georgie's little poodle wants to send the gunboats in
& play at Winston Churchill in a war no-one can win

Hes willing to defend democracy from a bunker in Alaska
To the last drop of someone else's blood like his daddy done in Nicaragua,
In the name of Allah the compassionate one, in his hideout in the hills,
He's so willing to die for Allah that the children in Kabul get killed,
All these leaders who like wars so much we should stick 'em in a room
& they can fight each other & the rest of us can have some peace at last.


They said we ought to have 3 minutes silence.
I thought: The dead from 2 world wars only rate 2 minutes.
But most of them didn't speak american.

So I tried hard to have 3 minutes silence,
But all I could hear was all these voices,
But most of them didn't speak american.

I heard ghost voices from Hanoi, ghost voices from Hiroshima,
Ghost voices from Beirut, ghost voices from Baghdad,
& the Secretary of State says: This is a price worth paying.
Half a million children in Iraq, this is a price worth paying?

I don't believe it helps much, all this arithmetic,
An eye for an eye for an eye for an eye
just makes the whole world blind.
They said we ought to have 3 minutes silence.
I think we ought to have a different kind of justice,
Not more bombs & silences.

No more bombs & silences.

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