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Website with information about the Bewick’s Swan in Europe, together with information on other species of swans and geese.

(last updated 11 December 2003)







Information about the markingproject with yellow neckcollars

Notice: Season lists of Bewick’s Swans for the 2001/2002 season are almost ready. It is hoped that the lists can be distributed in about 3 weeks time (end Decmber 2003/early January 2004). About 2 months later it is planned that lists for the 2002/2003 season will be ready, so that there will be no delay anymore.



Recent distribution per country:

Due to lack of time this section will not be updated during the season 2003/2004. At this moment it is not sure if in future years it will be possible to provide observers again with useful details about the distribution of the Bewick’s Swan in Europe. In the meantime Wim Tijsen is producing information about the distribution on a weekly basis as a mailing to observers. When you are interested to be put on his mailinglist please inform him directly at



Other marking projects (swans) 








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