The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland
10-11-1967, Hippy Happy Beurs voor Tieners en Twens.

Photo taken right before The Jimi Hendrix Experience took the stage.

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This year its allready 44 years ago that The Jimi Hendrix played in the Old Ahoy Hallen in Rotterdam.
And with this internet page I am trying to find recordings of this concert and the people who were there.

Who lost his wooden shoes !!!!:

If they were yours drop me a email.

What follows below is a accound of the one and a half day that
The Jimi Hendrix Experience were in Holland:

First you have to anounce something like the Hippy Happy Beurs voor Tieners en Twens, next to it is the bill with the price for it .......................the price then.

Photo taken during the concert of The Jimi Hendrix Experience in Ahoy [Copyright John Kieboom].

Jimi Hendrix and his Experience gave a concert in Holland this was not only the first
but also there last concert on Dutch soil.
This concert took place in the Old Ahoy Hallen in Rotterdam.
It was during the "Hippy Happy Beurs voor Tieners en Twens".
The concert took place on Friday evening around 22:05 hour on November 10th 1967.
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Were you at the "Hippy Happy Beurs Voor Tieners En Twens" ?, then I am loking for you so drop me a email.

To speed things up lets step into the Timemachine and go back to the morning of November the 10th 1967:

Arrival of The Jimi Hendrix Experience on Schipholairport in Amsterdam:

Peter Nieuwerf [13-01-2007].
Jimi Hendrix and his Experience Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding together with Gerry Stickells leave Fridaymorning arouns 10:00 from
Heathrow Airport London in Engeland to naar SchipholAirport Amsterdam in Holland there waits Peter Nieuwerf from Polydor [Holland] with a car for them.
Peter Nieuwerf in his own words:
"Someone had to pick them up from Schiphol, So I went with the car to get them.
And there were "Three little guys" and they sat down in my car, nothing special.
Jimi Hendrix did not say much, just Hi and sat down in my car as I recall, he was a warm person a calm radiance, you spoke of "Good Vibes" then.
Pherhaps we spoke about the weather, I drove them to Bussum infront of the studio, said Hi stepped in my car and drove back to The Hague".
[Peter Nieuwerf 23-12-2008].

To Bussum for recording in the Vitus Studio:

Peter Nieuwerf from Polydor [Holland] dropt The Jimi Hendrix and his Experience in Bussum.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience were at the Vitus Studio to make recordings for the Dutch program called "Hoepla".

As you can see above the program was pritty daring for his days in 1967.

The Cantine of the Hoepla Studio:
By request of Hans Verhagen the lovely Roselie Peters arrived early on that morning of November the 10th at the Vitus Studio.
They waited together with Jules Deelder in the cantine, and around 11:00 there came Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell en Gerry Stickells walking in.
After a visit to the bathroom Roselie Peters found out that Jimi Hendrix and his Experience were allready in deep conversation with Jules Deelder.
But in the dressing room of the Vitus Studio she got a good chance to meet Jimi Hendrix and his Experience.
Then the recording session took place.

[Copyright Andre van den Heuvel]

[Copyright Andre van den Heuvel, Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau ANP en KIPPA] De internetpagina van het ANP

Then for somethin to eat after all that singing and playing:
After the recording Session at the Vitus Studio Jimi Hendrix goos accros the road to get something to eat.
Nothing fancy just fries with majo.

Then there is a photo session for the music magazine "Muziek Expres":
The photos were taken by Rob Bosboom whowas worked for "Muziek Expres".
[ I have not found anything back from this session, drop me a email if you have any.]

Into the car to Rotterdam to the "Grand Hotel Centraal":

Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell en Noel Redding are driven from Bussum to Rotterdam.
Who drove them to Rotterdam is not known, and who else there was in the car is also not clear.
They book a room in the "Grand Hotel Centraal" on the Kruiskade behind The Hilton Hotel, its now 17:00 hour.

Hippy Happy Beurs voor Tieners en Twens Ahoy Hallen at Rotterdam:

"Jimi Hendrix lures 2500 teens".

That evening The Jimi Hendrix Experience played at the "Hippy Happy Beurs Voor Tieners en Twens".

The old Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Wim van Krimpen:
Wim van Krimpen how he looks now.
Wim van Krimpen was the organizer of the "Hippie Happy Beurs voor Tieners en Twens"..
The photo above was taken after the concert at Grand Hotel Centraal.
[Copyright Rob Bosboom].

Peter de Wit:

Peter de Wit was the right hand of Paul Acket, Paul booked the artist for the event and Peter was the "Wachtdog"for The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
[Copyright Rob Bosboom].

You need flyers to announce a event like this, here are a few:
This is a advert from the magazine Muziek Expres [Dutch].

This one you see alot.Looks like this one was made at the last moment.This one is from Henk Smitskamp [The Motions].

The Pink Floyd was also there:
Becouse there is not only a recording but also this photo.
[Copyright Kees Nijsen].
And I can tell you that its the only photo known to this day, so avert big thank you goes to Kees Nijsen for providing it.

Friday evening before The Jimi Hendrix Experience played The Motions [Dutch]:

This event was 5 days and right at the evening of the first day played The Jimi Hendrix Experience but The Motions wanted to do something special before The Jimi Hendrix Experience came on.

The Blaaspiepers:
So Gerard Romein the bass player of The Motions rented a Farmers Brass Band.
These were "De Blaaspiepers" from Rotterdam, in basic they play Hoem Pa Pa music [not easy to explane in English] they were the Fam Raymakers.

I hope the photo above give a good explanation becouse there is no sound recording ......... yet to prove/explane it.

The Concert The Jimi Hendrix Experience gave that evening:

John Kieboom was there on the 3rd row, and with the camera you see above he made the below photos.

[Copyright John Kieboom].

[Copyright John Kieboom].
The Jimi Hendrix Experience concert started at 5 min passed 10:00 that evening.
Jimi Hendrix took place on the stage on the left side, Four Marshalls behind him each 100 Watt of power, Infront of the speakers were four guitars.
In the middle was behind his Ludwig drumset Mitch Mitchell.
And on the right stood Noel Redding, also his back was covert with four Marshalls.
Estimate there were around 500 people present.
As The Jimi Hendrix Experience was getting ready to start there set the publiek moved to the front of the stage.
Jimi Hendrix started his performance with the words:
"I don't know what you're used to over here, but take care of your ears, you might as well stand back a little".
At that moment the publiek moved slowly backwards.
The concert lasted almost one hour.

[Copyright John Kieboom].

The following songs were played:

Stone Free.
Manic Depression.
Hey Joe.
The Wind Cries Mary.
Burning Of The Midnight Lamp.
Purple Haze.

Source for the tracklist is John McDermott.

Leo Riemens:
Leo Riemens who worked for the Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf"was also present.
Unknow.[Copyright Rob Bosboom][Copyright Rob Bosboom]

When The Music Over:
After the concert around 23:00 hour in Ahoy The Jimi Hendrix Experience go to "Grand Hotel Centraal" together with Wim van Krimpen.
There Jimi Hendrix and Wim van Krimpen have something to drink, photo proof taken by Rob Bosboom.
[Its not clear what time Wim van Krimpen and/or Rob Bosboom left there].
Around midnight comes Jules Deelder, hij is there with Jimi Hendrix on the bed in his Hotel Room.
Roselie Peters comes to "Grand Hotel Centraal" but is not aloud to get in the Hotel Room were Jimi Hendrix and Jules Deelder are.
Jules Deelder knows Jimi Hendrix [plus Noel en Mitch] to convinse to go to his place.
Two white cabs drive them to the house of Jules and Roselie in Rotterdam.
[Not known were Gerry Stickells was at that moment].

At the house of Jules Deelder and Roselie Peters:
The house is filled with people who got word that Jimi Hendrix be there, so Jules Deelder and Roselie Peters kick most of them out.
There is much use of drink and food, but I thing plenty od"Stuff"for the mind also.
Jules playes the recordplayer all evening he introduces Jimi Hendrix to Charlie Parker and Art Pepper.
Roselie Peters says that Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell were very drunk and stoned, Noel got some help from Rosalie [what kindhelp is not cleer, but he its the Sixties you know].
During the early hours of November the 11th Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding take a cab to Hotel Grand Centraal.

As the rest of the evening went according to Wim van Krimpen:

[A big thank you to Wim van Krimpen en Maarten van Os for this photo] [Copyright Rob Bosboom].
After the concert we drank a beer at Hotel Centraal.

[Copyright Rob Bosboom].
The two above photos are proof of that.

Saturday morning November the 11th 1967:
Jimi Hendrix wakes up in the house of Jules Deelder and Roselie Peters.
Jules Deelder phoes a cab for Jimi Hendrix.
And gives Jimi Hendrix two Krentebolllen were Jimi Hendrix waves with out of the window as the cab drives off.

This is what a Krentebol looks like.

And is on its way to the "Grand Hotel Centraal" ware Jimi Hendrix with his Experience around 10:45 was piced up to go to Schipholairport to leave at 13:00 hour to go back to London, England.
At home Jules Deelder finds on the table apiece of paper with the following words:

[Copyright NPS].
And thats sadly the last we saw of THe Jimi Hendrix Experience her in Holland.
And I still don't have a recording of that concert !!!!!.
Come on [part one] stop joking around and send it over, I am not getting any younger and can't live/wait forever.

Last update 01 June 2011.