"Welcome to Jimi Hendrix in Seattle and Beyond"

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"James Marshall Hendrix the boy from Seattle"

This internetpage tells the story of: James Marshall Hendrix the boy from Seattle.
He was born on Friday 27th of November 10:15 Am 1942 - Died Friday 18th of September around 11:00 Am 1970.
This is the story of his life, a life that was taken after only Ten Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Seven [10157] Days.

" There are people who live on this planet that are white !!".
" There are people who live on this planet that are black !!".
"But i am glad that Jimi Hendrix played his guitar in COLOUR "

So if you can get your mind together, then come accross to this Jimi Hendrix homepage of mine and enjoy his life full of music he created.

"Jimi Hendrix in Seattle and Beyond".

Like I was saying welcome to my Jimi Hendrix page, my name is Ben but Hendrix folks call me Bendrix.
I thank my parents for keeping this "Benjamin", and my wife and kids for not trowing me out............yet.

I like to thank God for giving us Alan Douglas and for the music he "Created", i like to thank the same God for giving us the music that Alan Dougles did not get his hands on.

I like to thank the Hendrix Fam for providing us with the music, only i wish them bigger and better ears.
So that they can hear the long time collectors how the music of Jimi Hendrix supposed to sound.

I live in The Hague in Holland, I have been collecting the music of Jimi Hendrix since the age of 13. So that means I have been busy with this Hendrix guy for the last 38 years, and I still like his music, amazing. I have set up this webpage to start with the music of Jimi Hendrix at the source of his musical life. And that is in his home town of Seattle.

From Seattle I am trying to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of his life up to the day they lay him to rest on the 1st of October at Greenwood Cemetery 350 Monroe Avenue North East, Renton, Seattle, 98056, Washington, USA.

Now i am trying to give my hobby as much time as I like, but working for a living still takes alot of my free time away. So there are still things that are not ready yet, but my feeling is that this page always will be under construction, not that I am lazy or anything, but this Jimi Hendrix did so very much in avery short time that he was on this planet.
I hope you enjoy this internetpage and if you will drop me a email,
Take care.

Jimi Hendrix and his Experience in Holland

Hippy Happy Beurs voor Tieners en Twens, Ahoy Hallen, 10/14 November 1967, Rotterdam.

Jimi Hendrix en zijn Experience in Holland.
Jimi Hendrix en zijn Expereince hebben een concert in Holland gegeven.
Dit was in de Hippy Happy Beurs voor Tieners en Twens in de oude Ahoy Hallen in Rotterdam.
Het was voor Jimi Hendrix en zijn Experience het eerste maar ook tevens laatste concert dat ze gaven in Holland.
Dus dat maakt dit het concert vrij uniek.
Deze muziek beurs duurde 5 dagen, maar al op de eerste avond vrijdag 10 November 1967 speelde The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
De link hier beneden brengt U/je naar een pagina die het verhaal probeert te vertellen over de anderhalve dag
die Jimi Hendrix en zijn Experience door brachten in Holland, en is een opsomming van de gebeurtenissen van die dag.
Klik op de link: "Hendrix in Holland".
Weetje iets email me op: maythisbelove@yahoo.com
Mijn hartelijke dank.
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