Islamic Banking & Finance: Another Approach


A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor


The author of this booklet is also the author of the three titles given below.  Each of them is self contained, treats a specific topic, and provides a new methodology.  The present work describes how the three books, taken together, offer a comprehensive banking and financing system that addresses the needs and concerns of Muslims today.  Each book provides one or more independent modules of the system, and each module can be implemented alone or in combination with others depending on the circumstances and time frame.  Many of the modules are of general applicability — being Muslim is not a prerequisite.  Some modules contain several options to address different field conditions.  Consequently, the system spans so wide a spectrum of circumstances that practically every country and every community can find a combination that will suit its particular requirements.


Interest-free Commercial Banking

ISBN 90-802354-1-5              xii+86 pages          1995


Participatory Financing


Investment Banks and Commercial Banks

ISBN 90-802354-2-3              xii+96 pages          1996


Commercial Banking in the presence of Inflation

ISBN 90-802354-3-1              x+122pages           1999


ISBN 90-802354-4-X, 32 pages, 2000


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Table of Contents


1 – Main features

2 – Zero interest and capital guarantee

3 – Lending and investing

4 – Participatory financing

4.1 – Financing by lending

5 – Interest-free commercial banking

5.1 – Loan default insurance

6 – Participatory financing through commercial banks

7 – Compensation for inflation

            7.1 – Measuring inflation on capital

            7.2 – Application to commercial banking

            7.3 – Application to participatory financing

            7.4 – Government bonds

            7.5 – The model

8. – Modular implementation

9. – Conclusions


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