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Injustice in war

War itself means that one party is going to be more powerful than another. Where is the justice in that? In war we often see a lot of injustice. War is always a political game in which the parties try to gain power and the people suffer.

As Bruce Springsteen put it: "War is only good for the undertaker!"

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The people living in the area where the war is fought often become a vicitm of it. They often don't want to be involved but the powerful people have decided that they will become part of an armed conflict.

The soldiers in war are also involved in cases of injustice. They see it all around them and they get involved in it. The idea of making a lot of money or the idea that nobody will know what you have done do not brng out the best in young soldiers.

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We have seen the atrocities of the Vietnam war and the atrocities of the war in Bosnia. These actions were committed by very normal people who would in a time of peace never be in trouble with the law. Can we blame them or have the horrors of war made them into such ruthless people?

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