Kees's Computer Home: Those that have left

I had a lot of computers in my garage that I didn't really want anymore, because my main focus is DEC hardware, and the amount of room available is finite, so the computers on this page I have given away to Allard Schaap's Computermuseum Groningen


IBM PC portable. It must be an old one because it runs on 115v. Since we here in Europe use 230v, it must have been imported from the US when the European model still wasn't available.


The well known Kaypro II CP/M system


A home built Philips 2650 microprocessor experimental system


The Bondwell 14 CP/M 3 system


The Osborne Executive. Incredible that Osborne also used such a small screen on their second model.


The PC convertible laptop, with printer still in the box and the tv attachment option. Sadly, no serial port option


The Kaypro 2000 laptop with docking station

Philips P5040

The P5020/P5040 word processor system. The P5020 was a monster system, an all-in-one system with a 15 inch 36 line screen, two 5.25i drives next to the monitor, room for expansion cards. The entire thing stood on a big tilt/swivel pedestal. Heavy keyboard made of metal, no plastic exept for the keys. The P5040 seen on the picture was a more modern version, smaller and looking like a PC with separate monitor and all.


The P3500 was a multi-user MP/M system. 5.25 floppy and a hard disk. No keyboard or video in the main unit, only connections for terminals and serial printers on the box. Small but very heavy.

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