Hugo Race Discography

by Leo Meijer, Maurice Maes and Uwe Gerecke

Latest update: 5-7-2000

Special thanks to: Ross Olson, Laurent l'Henaff, Hans Wyndaele, Jonas Nilsson, Aurelio Pasini, Dat Woodhouse, Grant A. Wood, Clinton Moloney, Rob Miller, Lisa Palermo, Jonas Nilsson, Hugo Race, Christian Catchpole, Stephen Wood

Plays With Marionettes (1982-1983)

7"    1982 "Witchenkopf", split single with People With Chairs Up Their Noses.
           This song also appears on a Hot Records compilation album.
                    AuGoGo ANDA21

7"    1982 "Hellbelly"
                    White Hot Records

CA    1982 "Fast Forward #10", compilation cassette contains "Kelter Kelter"
           recorded live at the Melbourne Seaview Ballroom on 23/1/82, plus
           an interview with the band members.

LP/CA 1984 "No Worries", compilation album contains "Hellbelly".
                    Worried 1 (Worried C 1 for cassette)

??    ???? I have this Plays With Marionettes tape with the following songs:
                Buffalo Heart
                Have You Seen My Girl?
                Dorothy Bag Squel

Hugo Race with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1984 - and incidentally)

Just the main releases... complete Bad Seeds list is here.
LP/CD 1984 "From Her To Eternity"
CA              Avalanche 
                Cabin Fever!
                Well Of Misery
                From Her To Eternity
                Saint Huck
                Wings Of Flies
                A Box For Black Paul
                +CD+ In The Ghetto
                +CD+ The Moon Is In The Gutter, 
                +CD+ From Her To Eternity, version from "Der Himmel..."
                    Mute Records, STUMM 17

LP/CD 1986 "Kicking Against The Pricks", Hugo plays on
CA              I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
                Long Black Veil
                Hey Joe
                Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
                +CD+ Running Scared
                +CD+ Black Betty
                    Mute Records, STUMM 28

LP/CD 1988 "Tender Prey", Hugo plays on:
CA              Watching Alice
                Mercy (backing vocals)
                    Mute Records, STUMM 52

LP/CD 1996 "Murder Ballads" Hugo plays on
                The Curse Of Millhaven
                    Mute, CD STUMM 138 

The Wreckery (1985-1988)

MLP   1985 "I Think This Town Is Nervous"
                Badland Yard
                I Think This Town Is Nervous
                Passion Fall Down
                Bunch'a Sad Red Roses
                Easy Gets Hurt
                    Rampant records/Musicland records (Aussie 1987 rerelease)
                    Hot Records HOTM4

MLP   1986 "Yeh My People"
                No Shoes For This Road
                Baby Play Dead
                Yeh My People
                The Medicine Hound
                Crooked Tree Song
                    Rampant MLRR012

7"    1986 "No Shoes For This Road/You Is My Smoke"
                    Rampant Records MLRR023

7"    1987 "Everlasting Sleep/Damned Is Hard"

LP    1987 "Here At Pains Insistence"
                Everlasting Sleep
                Hometown Exile
                Body Like A Stone
                The She Wheel
                Seven Days Spell
                Governors Pleasure
                Base devil
                Darlin Darlin
                Clue To My Desire
                The Grinder Mill
                    Rampant RR039

7"    1987 "Ruling Energy/Darlin Darlin"

12"   1987 "Ruling Energy", 4 track mini LP
                Ruling Energy
                Darlin Darlin
                Damned Is Hard
                    Rampant RR042

LP/CD 1988 "Laying Down Law"
                The Understudy
                Holy Honey
                I Can't Say
                The First Lesson
                Laying Down Law
                Fall In Love With A Victim
                Good To Be Gone
                Two Wings
                Bending The Bars
                    Citadel, CitLP 516
                    Citadel, CGAS 806 CD

7"    1988 "Good To Be Gone/Laying Down Law"

LP    1988 "Collection"
                Ruling Energy
                Body Like A Stone
                Yeh My People
                No Shoes For This Road
                Governors Pleasure
                Base Devil
                Seven Days Spell
                Everlasting Sleep
                    Rampant Records RR067

Hugo Race and the True Spirit (1988- now)

Compilation albums are only listed if they contain exclusive tracks.
LP    1987 "Melbourne Stuff", compilation album contains exclusive versions of:
                Seven Days (The Wreckery)
                Certified Fool (True Spirit)
                    Chase Records

LP/CD 1989 "Rue Morgue Blues"
                Blonde Hustling
                Turkyneck Rana
                Long Time Ago
                Cyprus Grove Blues
                John The Relevator
                Rue Morgue Blues
                Please Don't Go
                Certified Fool
                Slugger Brass
                Mojo Hand
                    Normal 118 CD

LP/CD 1990 "Earls World"
                J-Wray Day
                The Grandpappy
                Send Me Your Pillow
                Boogie Chillen
                For Victoria
                John Hardy
                Earls Murder
                Rebel Walk
                Dirty Old Waltz
                The Old Wound Fever
                At Home Blues
                +CD+ Hush-A-Bye-Baby
                    Normal 125 CD

7"    1990 "For Victoria", acoustic version, free with Austria's 
            Vampyroteutis Infernalis magazine.

LP/CD 1991 "Second Revelator"
                River Of No Return
                Second Relevator
                Angel Dust
                Hard Skelter
                Icy Roads
                It's Alright, Ma
                Flame Thrower
                Eyesight To The Blind
                Strange Breaks
                    Normal 135 CD

2CD    1992 "10 Jahre Normal", compilation contains "Dirty Old Waltz", 
            plus a previously unreleased instrumental version of "Angel Dust". 
                    Normal 150 CD

CD     1993 "Spiritual Thirst"
                Pray For Sleep
                White Scorpion
                Walk Your World
                Painted Skin
                Lightning After Dark
                Saw The Lights Go By
                Baby Doc
                Always Will Be God
                Morning Star
                No Reunion
                Devil In My Sons
                    Normal 155 CD

CD    1994 "Stations Of The Cross", acoustic album by Hugo Race solo.
           Recorded live in Modena, Italy, 11/1/94.
                Dirt Road
                Saw The Lights Go By
                John The Revelator
                Eyesight To The Blind
                Three Forks
                Certified Fool               
                Send Me Your Pillow
                Spirit World Rising
                Pray For Sleep
                Memnon Daze
                White Scorpion
                J-Wray Day
                Earls Murder
                    Normal 185 CD

2CD   1995 "Instrumental 1 & 2 - Music for Film & T.V.", various artists
           promo compilation including Mick Harvey, Dirty Three and more.
           Contains two instrumental songs by Hugo Race:
                Jika 2 & 3
                Valley Of Light
                    Polygram, INSTR11 and INSTR12

LP/CD 1996 "Valley Of Light"
                Valley Of Light
                Grooves In My Hide
                Golden Fly
                Dirt Road
                Cease To Resist
                Salvation Jane
                Clear Spot
                What Happened Last Night
                Yeah, You Know
                    Glitterhouse/Efa GRCD/LP 390
                    PolyGram 17526-2

CD    1997 "Wet Dream", Mail Order Only (LIM.1000)
           Tracks 1,6,8 are written, produced and performed by Chris Hughes.
                As Above, So Below
                Strike The Red Horizon
                Scorched Earth #2
                Ceska Non-Stop
                Something Special
                Pervertine Daze
                Scorched Earth
                Papa Doc
                Coup De Sang
                Asahara Blues
                    Glitterhouse GRCD 396

CD    1998 "Chemical Wedding", a promo CD also exists.
                Stranger In My Eyes
                Prima Materia
                Come Is The Kingdom
                Great White
                Can't Find A Reason
                Blood From A Stone
                Silver Fox
                Full Moon
                    Glitterhouse Records GRCD 424

CD    1998 "Out Of The Blue Vol. 5" has an exclusive Hugo Race and the True Spirit
           contribution from the Chemical wedding sessions.
                Solar Temple
                    Glitterhouse GRCD 440

CD    1999 "Out Of The Blue Vol. 6", 1000 copies, contains the exclusive track
                Ghost In The City
                    Glitterhouse GRCD 456

LP/CD 1999 "Last Frontier" 
                Louise's Hands (ghost mix part 1)
                Can You Read Me
                Ghosting The City
                Angels Watching Over
                Louise's Hands
                Keep It On
                Solid State
                Louise's Hands (ghost mix part 2)
                    Glitterhouse GRCD 454

Hugo Race - Guest musician and all else

film  1987 "Dogs In Space" - Hugo plays Pierre in this film.

video 1989 "Ghosts... Of The Civil Dead" film by John Hillcoat 
film       Hugo co-wrote the script to this film.
                    Electric Pictures EP 0022 (video, 1993)

film  1990 "In Too Deep", Hugo Race plays in this film.

LP/CD 1990 "Danger In The Past" by Robert Forster. Hugo plays
           lead and rythm guitar on this album on the tracks:
                Leave Her Satisfied
                Heart Out To Tender
                Dear Black Dream
                Danger In The Past
                    Beggars Banquet BEGA113CD

LP/CD 1995 "Intoxicated Man", the first Serge Gainsbourg covers
CA         album by Mick Harvey. Hugo plays on
                Jazz In The Ravine
                    Mute, stumm 144

LP/CD 1996 "Seven Lives Later", by Nikki Sudden. Hugo Race plays bass on
                The Devil Took Me Down To Georgia
                    Glitterhouse GRCD 403

CD    1997 "Dentro Me" by the Italian group La Crus, Hugo co-wrote
                La Finestra Di Casa Mia
                    Warners Italia (0630-17575-2)

CD         "Trash On Demand Vol. 2", various artists compilation includes the
           Nikki Sudden song "Penicillin" by The Jacobites, featuring Hugo Race.
                    Ultra-Under Records of America

CD    1999 "Experiments On The Duration Of Love" by Micevice
           features Hugo on 5 tracks (**), and is coproduced by him.
                Degenerate Me       (** - 12 strings and loops)
                Queue For Sedatives (** - bass)
                Velvet Palace       (** - guitar, loops, sampler voice, treatment)
                Denise              (** - instrumentation)
                Silver Coat         (** - bass)
                Red Fish
                Jazmine Song
                    Lollypop Records POP027 - 9130

CD    1999 New album by Westgarth involves Hugo.
           Who has more info? This may not have happened.

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